No puppies available at this time    07.15.09
Site will be updated when there are new furkids on the block
FLASH...   Tarquin is a Dad again!!   August 2010
Ch Macbarra Tarquin was bred to Rythm        (Zuri)
and fathered 4 sable babies on May 1, 2010
Gail Giles of Rythm Shelties is the breeder, and Ethan Archer is the owner of Zuri.
A new fur kid on the block for Macbarra will be coming soon.
She will be known as Rythm 'n Lyrics at Macbarra and will be called Lira.


                         AmCdn CH Toven Wintertide
                AmCdn CH Dury Voe Winterlude 
                         Am CH Dury Voe Barcelona                    
                        AmCdn CH Toven Wintertide
                    Macbarra Miss Marple                      
                      Macbarra Shelhaven Destiny
                         Am CH Ozark Crest City Slicker
              Am Cdn CH Laureate Explorere, ROMC
                           Laureate Dream West, ROMC
                        BIS BISS CH Pinnacle Aaron Spelling ROMC
            Macbarra's Keel Row Dancer, CGC
                         Macbarra's Raven' Revues, CGC  (8 pts)

CH Macbarra Tarquin X CH Macbarra I Love A Rainy Night
1 puppy born by C Section,  on November 7 a sweet little Tri boy named by  the Vet staff as Travellin' Man because he was on the go the minute he was released into this world.
Little Boy  10 days old, eyes not open yet
Travellin' Man (Hunter)
we have decided to hang onto this prize!
Just some cute pictures
 Just born;  1st meal;  Ain't life comfortable

           BIS BISS AmCH Integra Indelible Ink Of Merridon
 Stonemills The Livin Daylights
        BIS BPIS BISS BPIS AmCdn CH Stone Mills Livin On The Edge

                             Am CH Merridon Covewind Stockbroker
           Am Cd CH Bach Razor's Edge
                         Am CH Bach The Temptress
 CH Macbarra Pandemonium
                            Am Cd Jp CH Mystix Quote UnQuote
                AmCd CH Bluemoon Silverado
                              Blumoon Cajun Angel
        CH Macbarra Blueberries and Cream
                        AmCdn BIS BISS CH Toven Wintertide, CD ROMC
                   Macbarra Miss Marple
                        Shelhaven Macbarra Destiny



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