January 17, 1995-May 2, 2007
Piper you earned your rest but we miss you terribly
BPIS CH Macbarra The Sandpiper, CGC, FMCh..
 CH Bonnyville Fairfax Nighthawk, ROMC x Macbarra Raven' Revues (8 pts)
Piper was & always will be, our heartdog.  Unable to have puppies after all her successes in the show ring, she went on to give everything she had to her Flyball Career.   Never the fastest but always the most reliable she finally retired after a long day of double running when she suddenly sat down and didn't move.    Diagnosis was an enlarged heart, so she became our adored huggydog.   She's was the best!

BPIS CH Macbarra Cree Summer, HIC
Multi group winner
Little Cree is shown reasoning with the Head Duck, "why run all over this pen when with a little cooperation we could all be out of here?"   She received her HIC at the age of 8 months at Camp Dogwould in June/04.   Sue Jewell was the Evaluator.
Camp Dogwould 2005  Cree earns her HIC on Sheep with a very genuine looking shed and attempted pen.  Cree keeps on getting Bests of Breed and Group Placings too.

Group placing CH Macbarra's Billy Billy Bee-Bop, CD, CGC,  acquired his FbCH and then retired to get his Companion Dog degree in Obedience.  Billy played flyball but was never a flyball dog....However he was so needed for comic relief that he was brought back to do flyball demos and now is on the substitute line at the age of 12.   Billy retired to the couch until his death at the age of 16+ August 2008

Greumach Brenna Macbarra gained her Canadian and American CD's at a very young age and then achieved her CDX and continued to show in Open earning several High in Class Rosettes.   Brenna also has her CGC.  Sadly Brenna went to the Bridge in November 2000

Bridlewood's Kaja Kahlua achieved her CD in 3 straight trials with 2 1sts and a 2nd in her class at the age of 13 months.  She went on to earn her Canadian CDX and had 2 legs on her American CDX while practicing for her Utility degree.  Kyla also had her TT.
She was ready to compete when she was struck down at the age of 7 by "Ischemic Myelopathy" (a spinal stroke).  She will always be in my mind.

Candega Spinnaker, Denim earned his CD twice ... while waiting for his certificate. All his scores were in the mid to low 190's.  He was a smart lad, but grew to be 21 inches tall and was  placed in a family with small children.  A sweet & loving personality.  Denim is probably at the Bridge waiting now.

Grabley's L'il Bror Jondalar....although Jondy got his CD and 2 legs on his CDX he did not like Obedience.  A wee lad of only 13 1/2, he much prefered to be a Therapy Dog, or wear costumes in parades and ride around in a covered wagon pulled by a Rottie, or dressed as ET hidden in a cart full of stuffed toys pulled by a Bouv.  Jondy was a character and everyone loved him.   Oh boy, you are missed still.

 BPISS & BSISS CH Macbarra Billy's Braden...Brady earned his Herding Instinct Certificate and went on to herd horses, geese, children and adults in his new home.  See him on the Boys page.

 Ky-Lor stood for Kyla (owned by me,) Bridlewood Kaja Kahlua, CDX, AmCD, TT & Laurie, owned by Patti Graham (Grabley Sings Laura's Theme, CD, TT.)  Pictured with Judge Marguerite Charter, these two girls disliked each other for some reason, and yet they practiced together very well, and upon hearing their collective name for the recall, looked at each other as if to check each others readiness, got up together, trotted together in perfect step, and sat in front of me in perfect unison.  They earned the astonishing score of 197 1/2.....we were all astonished!  Both these girls are at the Bridge now and I know they get along much better comparing skills!

CH Macbarra Jewel of the Isle,   CD,   RN, RA, RE, AGNJ, RN(MCL), RA(CL)  AGN, AGNJ (CKC)  AGIJ, ADC, CGN, SGDC
Am/Cdn CH Playland Dallas Cowboy X CH Macbarra Janina
Owned by Tom and Deana Abbott, Kingston
Macbarra Briar of Glencastle RNMCL, RN, HIC, RE
Mishandy Brandon O'Cabotas (pt'd) x CH Macbarra Janina
Owned by Tom and Deana Abbott
Macbarra Time to Remember, TT, RNMCL, RN, RA, AGNJ
Am/Cdn CH Playland Dallas Cowboy x CH Macbarra Janina
Owned by Kate Abbott

Fuller  (deceased 2009)
Macbarra's Fuller, CGC, SADC,SAADC, VMADC
CH Macbarra's Billy Billy Bee-Bop, CD, CGC, FCh x Greumach Brenna Macbarra, AmCD, CDX, CGC
Loved by Kim, Alan, Ethan & Caleb Archer of Brinston, Ontario

Macbarra There's Always Hope,  (Hope) ATChC, SATChC, SMGDC, Bronze Award of Merit
CH Blumoon Silverado x Shelhaven Macbarra Destiny, CGC
Macbarra Court Jester (Jester)
Ch Bach Razor's Edge x CH Macbarra Blueberries and Cream
Macbarra Just One Look  (Jolee)
Ch  Bach Razor's Edge x Macbarra Miss Marple
All owned and operated by Kim Knox

Greumach Mindy Macbarra, CD, CDX, CGC (HIC's & HIT's) deceased
BPISS Grabley's Sudden Impact, CD, CGC X Greumach Brenna Macbarra, AmCD, CDX, CGC
 Loved and owned by Lisa Young, Kingston, Ontario

 CH Macbarra Pandemonium, CD, CGN, RN.  (Panda)
2 scores 197 and a 200! for RN
CH Bach Razors Edge X CH Macbarra Blueberries and Cream
CD on April 10/10 with 4 first places and a HIT!!!!!!!
Macbarra Moonrise Serenade, CDX, RA, CGN, RE, (multiple HITs (Bandit)
CH Stonemills The Livin' Daylights X CH Macbarra Pandemonium
CDX  April 10/10
Macbarra Ellayna, CGN, RN  (Miranda) all scores for RN 197
CH Macbarra Tarquin X CH Macbarra Janina
All these furkids owned and loved by Brian Williams and Marg Revine


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