Breeding African Owls, Satinettes, Blondinettes, Turbits and LFCL Tumblers

On This site I hope to smooth some of the bumps from the road every beginner hits. I don't think there are to many Shortface Breeders out there that would not say that the Shortface breeds are the hardest to raise but also the most fun.

The first thing anyone interested in Shortface Pigeons must realize is that you will need good Feeders to raise Your Shortface Babies becuase that can't raise there own. I guess there are some of you saying what is a Feeder. The best definition of this is the most valuble birds in your pigeon coop because these birds will be hatching and rearing your young for more information see the link on this page.

The other option you have is to hand feed the young after they hatch. There is also a link on this page for more information on this subject.

I would also strongly recommand that you become involved With a specialty club that is dedicated to your breed for example if you have Turbits in Canada you could join the Canadian Oriental Frill Club or if you had LFCL Tumblers you could join the Eastern Tumbler Club of Canada If you are unable to join a specialty club at least get invoved with a local club it will be a source of information for you.

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